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YH Tan & Associates is a top audit firm in Malaysia specialized in audit, financial advisory, consultancy, product pricing, taxation, and more. 

We are an independent audit and advisory company that wants to become your one-stop solution to all of the accounting needs in Malaysia. For this, we constantly strive to make our services better.

We assist different kinds of small and medium businesses, from private startups to public corporate bodies, at every stage of their development process.

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Why Do We Need Audit?


Internal auditors form a company’s financial watchdogs. They are tasked to objectively examine the company’s financial documents and review the operating procedures independent of management. So an internal audit focuses on enterprise risk management functions, security processes, and regulatory compliance among other departments.

Internal auditors look for discrepancies between operational processes and what those processes are designed to do. And if such discrepancies are found, they advise the senior management on processes to be implemented for improvement.

So an internal audit is essentially a pre-emptive maneuver to maintain operational efficiency and financial reliability and to safeguard assets. It provides independent assurance that an organization’s risk management, governance, and internal control processes are operating effectively.


The independent role of an external auditor is important for reinforcing the credibility of a company’s financial statements and compliance with regulations, particularly with SSM, which required the audited financial statements to be submitted to SSM annually audited report is used for tax filling too. Auditors are also able to evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls within the company objectively.

What Happens if My Company Does Not Perform Audit?

Penalty: Imprisonment for 5 years or RM30,000

Company’s Act – SECTION 169 (1)

This Section provides that the Directors of every Company shall meet at some date not later than 18 months after the incorporation of the Company and subsequently once in every calendar year at intervals of not more than 15 months lay before the Company’s AGM a profit and loss accounts (Audited Financial Statements) made up to a date not more than 6 months before the date of AGM. If any Director of a Company fails to comply or take all reasonable steps to secure compliance by the Company, the foregoing provisions shall be guilty of an offense against this Act.

Please note that a director has the fiduciary duty to ensure that all obligations of the company and the requirements set out in the Act, and related legislation and other relevant law are properly and fully complied with at all times.

Types Of Compound Imposed by Companies Commission of Malaysia

A) Late Tabling of Audited Account and Non-Submission of Annual Return to CCM


B) Late Submission of Documents TO CCM


-Use of technology

-Quality assurance processes

-Reasonable fees

-The reputation of the audit firm

-Ongoing support for decision-making and growth

-Industry experience

What Are The Qualities of A Good Auditor?

Auditors need to be able to understand the client’s business and industry. This requires the ability to quickly frame a picture of the client’s business, the organization and key attributes within it. A good auditor is able to sort out connections and linkages within the organization to focus the audit approach.

They show integrity

They leverage data analytics

They are good with technology

Good at building collaborative relationships

They are always learning

Effective communicators

They are innovative

They are team orientated

Why Choose YH Tan Audit Firm Malaysia?

Extraordinary Services: YH Tan & Associates is backed by a team of professional and certified CA’s (Chartered Accountants). Unlike other local accountant firms in Malaysia, we not only provide just average services; instead, we always try to fulfill our client’s needs by delivering highly professional, accurate, and extraordinary services that can meet all of their financial needs.

Fast & Efficient: We provide fast and effective solutions for your business. Our team will help and guide you in all your financial inquiries and will provide out of the box solutions with fast response and supreme quality services. There is no question when it comes to financial expertise.

Time Saving, Money Saving: Let our professional team handle your financial, accounting, and corporate governance needs so that you can focus on your business. You can be confused and exhausted by comparing various local accounting and advisory firms out there. But with the best audit firm in Malaysia like YH Tan & Associates, you will not only save your valuable time but also save your valuable money.

Furthermore, you can get expert-level consultancy services from us. Though we are a small accounting firm compared to Big 4 accounting firms, our vision is not small. We always value our clients and want to make long-lasting relationships with them while providing highly professional and responsive services.

Trusted Financial Advisor: YH Tan & Associates is a trusted and leading financial advisory firm that already has hundreds of satisfied customers in Malaysia. So if you have any concerns, you can check our testimonials anytime online. Once you trust us, we take care of all of your financial matters. We are responsible for any kind of discrepancy. We view integrity, transparency, and compliance as solid elements.

Affordable Services: We provide competitive rates than any other major audit firm in Malaysia. Though we are one of top audit firms in Malaysia that offers multiple accounting solutions, we don’t charge any additional or extra hidden charges in any step.

Fast Response Time: If you are searching for a reliable account firm in Malaysia where you can get treated the way you want to be treated, you are at the right place. Here, you will get a professional and certified accountant for your needs within 24 hours. Once contacted, we will be right back to you without any long waiting times.

Accreditation: YH Tan & Associates is an active member of GMN International, an association of independently managed professional accounting firms that share a commitment to serving businesses worldwide. In addition, we are also recognized by MIA, ACCA, Intuit, and more.

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Mission YH Tan

Our Mission

To provide a one-stop solution for all business needs while making successful and strong working relationships with the clients.

Vision YH Tan

Our Vision

To become the best and recognized accounting company not only in Kuala Lumpur but all over Malaysia while fulfilling the clients’ financial needs.

Our Strategy

Frequently asked questions

We charge our services on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis as per our client needs.

Most of our clients are on a month-to-month plan with us. Charges range from RM1000 a month for a range of accounting and bookkeeping services that are provided by our associated partners.
Yes, we are registered with MIA as well as we are an active member of GMNI.
We use Quickbooks, Xero, and a few other top industry accounting softwares. 
Yes, we also provide consulting services for any kind of small and medium-sized businesses.

Young Regional Advocates Award Winner 2020

YH Tan's Owner - Yoon Huat Tan

Yoon Huat Tan, a young chartered accountant and founder of YH Tan & Associates, has won Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Young Regional Advocates awards for 2020.

We are a Member of GMN International

YH TAN & Associates is an active member of GMN International.

GMN International is an association of independently managed professional accounting firms that share a commitment to serving businesses worldwide. Our advisory team complies with both Malaysian and international laws and provides help with cross-border businesses.

Registered in England – Reg. No. 7809117. Registered Office: 29-30 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6LQ, UK.

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