Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at YH Tan & Associates, we are well aware of the concept associated with corporate social responsibility. That’s why we are determined and focused to offer not only Pro Bono audit services to charitable organizations but also indulge in other charitable causes.

Besides, the seriousness of our company towards CSR is evident from the fact that we don’t hesitate to give back to our people what we have. The aspiration of making positive contribution fuels our passion for helping our communities.  This helps us to invigorate and soothe the lives of our people through a variety of CSR initiatives.

Why We Volunteer?

Mostly, YH Tan and its employees take part in social welfare activities and volunteer themselves primarily due to the sense of satisfaction for committing any charitable deed. In other words, we enjoy the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that even money can’t buy.

Our senior charted accountants and auditors have provided a wide array of Pro Bono Audit services. In addition, there are numerous other CSR acts that are not on the record, yet people have benefited themselves from such programs.

Making the Difference

YH Tan & Associates have utilized various opportunities to provide their services to those who need the most. This results in making a huge difference regarding the well-being of our communities. Providing pro bono audit service is just one example.

YH Tan & Associates works with more than 17 affiliate organizations, which offer their charity services nationwide. These organizations serve the purpose of a bridge while coordinating between the voluntary audit service provider and the organizations that are in need of their services.

The volunteers associated with the affiliated organizations come from almost every sector such as accounting, public accounting, educational institutions, private, and the government-run industry.

The most common services offered by these volunteers usually relate to seeking advice on auditing matters. Our most reset proofs of corporate social responsibility include the steps towards a paperless environment.

Furthermore, there are numerous other actions, which show our environment-consciousness. For instance, YH Tan & Associates offer pro bono audit services for charity organizations (costs only RM1000). We and our valuable team members always try to participate in a wide range of charity deeds i.e donations to the orphanage, welfare hospitals, and schools, etc.

We Offer Pro Bono Audit Services

When it comes to the pro bono auditing and accounting services, we volunteer the services of our qualified and seasoned auditors/CAs. Moreover, such services are only offered to those organizations that qualify the pro bono criteria.  These include non-profit or charitable organizations/businesses, which are unable to pay for the auditing services.

In addition, providing pro bono services also helps us to interact with the non-profit business and advise these organizations to maintain their accounts in good shape. The CSR is a Code of Professional Conduct that almost every reliable and committed company recognizes and follows.

Moreover, serving the public and guarding their interests is something that we are committed to. Therefore, we don’t hesitate to participate in all types of pro bono audit services.