Business Advisory Services in Malaysia

Business advisory services

Looking to grow your business to the next level? With a business planning and financial advisory team in Malaysia, you can obtain business advisory services to enhance your corporate strategy and business development needs.

So if you are a business searching for:

  • Financial and business planning on business expansions, joint ventures, and other prospects
  • Bidding for project tenders/preparing Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Corporate profile to support bank financing explorations
  • Capitalize on your business information with data visualizations and value-added insights
  • Business idea and needs advice on its financial roadmap
  • Corporate Finance

Our Business Advisory Services in Malaysia

Business advisory services in Malaysia are listed below.

  • Business Valuation
  • Risk Advisory
  • IFRS Reporting Services
  • Restructuring & Recovery
  • Preparation Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate recovery and insolvency
  • Tailored corporate profile and business write-ups
  • Transaction Support
  • Independent Advisory
  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial modeling
  • Cash flow analyses and projections
  • Corporate finance
  • Business Consulting
  • Payroll Tax

In addition, services include data analytics conceptualization and insights, metaphysics of business, employee weakness, and strength, bazi Analysis, qi men dun jia, date selection, feng shui for businesses.

Ultimately, we aim to connect the dots with you. Give a voice to the future of your business through solid business write-ups backed by facts, financials, and data insights with us.

*YH Tan & Associates PLT Only provides auditing and business advisory services independently. Other services are provided by independent associates other than YH Tan & Associates PLT. The above content is for information only.

Business Valuation Services

The actual worth or value of a company is the information that is essential for its management to know. The value of a public company depicts the ownership interests, value of all claims, interest-bearing debt, common equity, and preferred equity. 

In addition, true valuation helps to determine the total asset value of the entity i.e, working capital, machinery, real property, equipment, and intangible assets. Determining a company’s valuation involves three basic factors: income, cost approaches, and market.

We also provide valuation advisory services to small and medium-sized businesses all over Malaysia. 

Risk Advisory Services

Well-planned and effective risk management is a trusted way to keep your business away from risks. By doing so, companies and their employees can focus on achieving their goals without any fear of interruptions.

Hence, leading companies take considerable time to evaluate and assess anticipated risks. After evaluation, the next step is to utilize the best resources to devise effective plans to prevent any unfortunate happening.

Here are the financial risk advisory solutions we offer nationwide.

  • Internal audit
  • Fraud investigation and forensic accounting 
  • Cyber-security
  • Corporate governance compliance assessment and advisory
  • Quality assurance review
  • Risk advisory accounting
  • Risk management advisory services

IFRS Reporting Services

IFRS is a universal framework that assists public companies in preparing and disclosing financial statements. Moreover, it also guides how companies should prepare their financial statements in line with global standards. 

This kind of financial reporting advisory service is much better than industry-specific reporting. IFRS requires companies to act responsibly in a variety of ways. This is the reason why companies consult a reliable advisor like YH Tan & Associates. Being a top tax and accounting firm, we provide customized solutions to meet the tailored needs of every business.

Recovery & Reorganization Advisory Services

During difficult times, businesses must focus on realistic insight and pay attention to their prevailing financial condition. Our specialized team of advisors can assist low-performing businesses in improving their financial circumstances.

YH Tan & Associates PLT is renowned for top-notch financial advisory services. Besides, we are well-equipped to help companies treat their underperforming assets and ensure the best possible outcome. This is mostly done by offering the most effective recovery strategies.

Listed below are the recovery & reorganization advisory services you can seek from our experienced team of advisors.

  • Asset Tracing and Recovery
  • Pre-Lending Reviews
  • Insolvency Services
  • Exit Strategy Services
  • Restructuring and Turnaround
  • Lender Support Services

Other Accounting Advisory Services

We are committed to relieving our clients from the burden of administrative, processing, or compliance-related work. The accounting and advisory services offered by us are listed below.

  • Audit advisory services
  • Internal audit advisory
  • Transaction advisory services
  • Preparation for IPO 
  • Application services with regulatory bodies
  • Audit and assurance
  • Process advisory
  • Successor advisory
  • Business support and other accounting advisory services in Malaysia

Apart from the above-mentioned advisory services, we also provide professional advice concerning infrastructure projects, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), fundraising, and restructuring advisory services. Our expert team of advisors is always there to help you deal with crises or disputes.

Payroll Tax

YH Tan & Associates is dedicated to offering comprehensive and efficient payroll services. These include:

  • Tailored Payslips
  • Personal income tax
  • Administration of matters like sick pay, maternity leave pay, social security contributions, etc
  • Preparing the analysis and summary of bonuses, employee benefits, and administration costs
  • Taking care of matters associated with pension and gratuity

Need help?

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Our Business Advisory Affiliate

Mr Mak C.W. is an independent senior financial planning and data analytics professional with over 15 years of commercial experience. He’s a Chartered Accountant, member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants, specializing in corporate strategic planning and financial modelling work across multiple industries including banking, aviation ground handling, air cargo operations, automotive, healthcare education, audit and management consulting.

He is also a certified machine learning expert, with a passion for data analytics and visualizations, “storytelling-through-data” using some of the most relevant commercial and open-source software technologies today. He has a love for food, music and travel.

*YH Tan & Associates PLT Only provides auditing and business advisory services independently. Other services are provided by independent associates other than YH Tan & Associates PLT. The above content is for information only.