Financial Consulting Services in Malaysia

Financial Consulting Services in Malaysia

Businesses thrive and show consistent growth when they have a clear vision or line of action to follow. This helps the top management to steer through challenging times without any issues. YH Tan & Associates PLT is among the top financial consulting services in Malaysia, committed to help businesses achieve their peak performance.

Our specialized consulting team works hand-in-hand with the clients and helps them resolve critical operational and strategic issues. The expertise we own is backed by years of rigorous practice and experience.

Tax Consulting Services

Tax management is getting more complex and challenging. Companies and corporate entities are finding it difficult to manage things on their own. However, with the availability of YH Tan’s tax consultancy services, there is nothing to worry about.

Our qualified tax consultants are always there to assist you with tax operations, reporting, and compliance-related matters.

Tax Accounting and Reporting

Through our tax consulting services, we offer digitalized solutions to manage financial accounting for the purpose of tax management. We also provide necessary guidance regarding procedures, policies, and tax-related technical aspects. This helps businesses to ensure compliance and reporting to avoid tax penalties.

Payroll Tax

YH Tan & Associates is dedicated to offering comprehensive and efficient payroll services. These include:

  • Tailored Payslips
  • Personal income tax
  • Administration of matters like sick pay, maternity leave pay, social security contributions, etc
  • Preparing the analysis and summary of bonuses, employee benefits, and administration costs
  • Taking care of matters associated with pension and gratuity

Financial Management Consulting Services

Being renowned financial management consultants, we can help you with our in-depth experience. This allows us to offer top-notch financial consulting services in Malaysia. What makes us different from the rest is the way we work. We offer customized services that align with our clients’ specific requirements.

Here at YH Tan & Associates, we can help you with improved revenue generation and customer growth. Moreover, we replace time-consuming and resource-intensive methods with some efficient ways. As a result, businesses can manage their financial matter in a cost-effective manner.

Our financial services consulting team owns years of experience, which makes it possible for them to manage financial challenges faced by the businesses. Furthermore, our specialized and industry-specific knowledge allows us to dive in quickly and suggest the most viable solutions.

Financial Risk Consulting

We assist organizations to avoid financial risks and secure the integrity of their business. Since the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, hiring the best financial risk consulting service is essential.

Some of our key risk consulting services include:

  • Capital management and liquidity risk
  • Transformation and insurance risk services
  • Liquidity and treasury risk management
  • Credit and market risk management
  • Financial reporting and accounting risk services

Audit Consulting Services

Our audit team is well-versed in dealing with corporate governance, internal audit, and audit consulting services. The reason behind our success rate is that we keep ourselves updated with the best practices currently adopted by the industry.

The exposure to a wide array of industries has increased our technical experience, giving us an edge over others. Our professionally qualified auditors and consultants serve as a driving force for us. In addition, our audit consulting services are specially designed to meet the needs of every client that approaches us.

Having said that, If you are looking for the best financial consulting services in Malaysia, relying on YH Tan & Associates would be a wise decision.

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*YH Tan & Associates PLT ONLY provides auditing, consultancy, and advisory services independently. Other services are provided by independent associates other than YH Tan & Associates PLT. The above content is for information only.