Taxation Services in Malaysia

Taxation services

YH Tan & Associates PLT provides an extensive range of taxation services in Malaysia to fulfil your needs. Whether you are searching for tax advice or locating a taxation professional in Malaysia who can talk to you through your field audit, we have many solutions that are specially designed to make sure you are compliant with the current needs.

Before introducing our tax services in Malaysia, let’s take an overview of what taxation is.

What is Taxation in Malaysia?

Just like other countries, Malaysia has its own tax system and culture. Tax is a financial charge or other levy imposed by the Inland Revenue Board upon a taxpayer’s (an individual or legal entity’s) income derived from Malaysia. Failure to pay tax levy is punishable by law here.

Why Choose YH TAN & Associates' partners as your Tax Consultant & Advisor?

In today’s constantly changing tax environment, a professional and verified tax advisor is crucial to actively guide clients in interpreting and applying tax rules in a timely and cost-effective way no matter you are a business organization or an individual.

Without having proper knowledge about your rights and laws, making the wrong estimations about your tax position can cost you more in the future.

As advisors, we are committed to providing specialized and client-focused services to resolve your tax-related concerns. The best thing, our tax advisory team has the breadth and depth of experience and expertise to fulfill all of your requirements.

Direct Tax and Indirect Tax in Malaysia

In Malaysia, tax is levied in direct and indirect forms. Direct tax is a tax that is levied directly on the taxpayer’s disposable income. While on the other hand, indirect tax such as the Sales & Services Tax that was implemented on 1 September 2018 ( replacing Goods and Service Tax (“GST”) is a tax being levied on taxpayers when they consume goods and services. The more goods and services a taxpayer consumes, the more tax they need to pay. The standard rate for sales tax is 10%, and the standard rate for services tax is 6%.

Taxation Services

Following is a detailed overview of our professional taxation services in Malaysia.

*YH Tan & Associates PLT Only provides auditing and business advisory services independently. Other services are provided by independent associates other than YH Tan & Associates PLT. The above content is for information only.

Tax Compliance and Advisory Services

  • Tax compliance services
  • Taxation advisory services
  • Tax advisory and management services
  • Business tax advisory
  • Audit tax advisory
  • Income tax advisory
  • GST advisory services
  • Sales tax advisory services
  • Tax performance advisory
  • Assistance in IRB’s tax audits and investigation
  • Annual tax assessment and submission for personal income tax
  • Sole-Proprietor and partnership tax
  • Corporate income tax
  • Real property gain tax
  • Tax planning and transactions advisory
  • Tax incentive application
  • Pioneer status and manufacturing license application
  • Sales and service tax administration
  • Expatriate tax matters

Corporate Tax Compliance Services

Services are provide by YH TAN & Associates PLT’s Partners

  • Preparation and submission of tax return
  • Inland Revenue Board (IRB) Filing
  • Company’s annual income tax return (Form C)
  • Preparing the income tax computation
  • To complete and submit the Form CP 204 (advance tax estimate)
  • If needed, submit the revision of the estimate of tax payable via Form CP204A
  • Capital Allowance calculation
  • Applying for a refund of withholding tax
  • To compute other deductions and allowable expenses

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Services

  • GST planning and preparation
  • GST registration
  • Special scheme application
  • GST training
  • Preparation and submission of GST return
  • GST payments and refunds
  • GST compliance review and appeal
  • Post GST support and consultation

Sales and Services Tax (SST) Services

  • SST/ VAT planning and preparation
  • SST Malaysia registration
  • GST payments and refunds
  • Preparation and submission of SST/VAT return
  • Sales tax rate evaluation
  • SST compliance review and appeal
  • Post SST support and consultation

Personal Tax Services

  • Personal tax compliance
  • Personal tax consultancy services
  • Personal income tax
  • Personal tax planning
  • Personal tax audits
  • Personal tax returns
  • Personal tax exemptions
  • Personal tax allowance
  • Real property gains tax
  • Form BE/ Form B/ Form M submissions
  • personal tax filing
  • & Individual tax advisory services

Tax Consultancy Services

  • Accounting & tax consultancy services
  • Chartered tax consultancy
  • Corporate and personal tax compliance
  • Group tax planning/ Corporate tax planning
  • Handling tax audits and investigations
  • Tax advice on mergers and acquisitions
  • Privatisation projects
  • Financial schemes
  • Advice on tax incentives
  • Advice on the setting up of a tax effective businesses
  • Applications for various tax incentives and exemptions
  • Advice on GST requirements
  • Advice on SST requirements

Benefits of Our Taxation Services in Malaysia

By giving us a chance, you can benefit from our range of taxations services in Malaysia.

  • We provide a range of tax services in Malaysia to both companies and individuals.
  • We offer economical taxation services that guarantee compliance with taxation laws.
  • We provide high-quality preparation of tax returns and computations timely.
  • We identify and highlight areas of tax risks and provide the best solutions.
  • We always strive for opportunities for tax savings and claiming tax incentives, etc.
  • We can maximize tax efficiency by evaluating and reviewing business transactions.
  • In addition, we also provide professional advice to initial startups starting businesses in Malaysia.
  • You can also get consultancy on tax treaty issues relating to permanent establishments and withholding tax.
  • We can assist you in filing your business or personal tax returns properly.
  • We can help you prepare relevant and perfect business papers for successful tax audit verification.
  • We provide advisory services on different tax deductions and incentives that can benefit your business in the long run.
  • You may even get a few tax consultancy services for free.


Note:*YH Tan & Associates PLT Only provides auditing and business advisory services independently. Other services are provided by independent associates other than YH Tan & Associates PLT. The above content is for information only.

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