Tax Compliance and Advisory Services Malaysia

YH Tan & Associates offers a wide spectrum of tax compliance and advisory services Malaysia. We are aimed at assisting individuals and businesses to manage their tax compliance matters. You can avail of our tax consultation services and avoid the risks associated with non-compliance. This makes it possible for you to achieve your business goals effectively. 

Our team of professionals is experienced enough to provide the best possible solutions as well as services. These include tax management, business advisory and structuring, and representation on tax-related forums.

Following are the ways in which our qualified staff can assist you.

Tax Compliance Services

Being a licensed tax firm, we offer personal and corporate tax compliance services, which include:

  • Tax Certification Services- Assisting businesses while obtaining registration
  • Corporate Income Tax (CIT)
  • Timely preparation and filing of the periodical income-tax return and computations 
  • Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) services for corporate businesses and individuals 
  • Tax exemption and incentive applications
  • Withholding tax services
  • Compliance support services
  • Individual tax reporting 

We follow an impressive tax compliance methodology, which helps businesses to handle their tax compliance workload efficiently and without any delay. 

Corporate Tax Compliance Service

Our corporate tax compliance services include: 

  • Notifying a company regarding the due date for submission of tax returns 
  • Preparation and filing of the annual tax returns based on the original estimated tax payable 
  • Discussing the compliance requirements in line with the total amount of an estimated tax
  • Completion and submission of the Form CP 204 
  • Ensuring the payment of monthly tax installments at the IRB payment counter
  • Helping clients to maximize their tax efficiency and gain extended tax benefits
  • Sending the Form CP 204/tax installment scheme to the company 
  • Filing application to claim import duties and sales tax exemptions on the import of raw materials and equipment 

Personal Tax Compliance Service

When it comes to personal tax compliance services, we can help in preparation of: 

  • Form P (For partnership)
  • Form BE (Used for filing personal tax with employment income)
  • Form B (Used for personal tax with business income)
  • Form M (Used for personal tax for a non-resident)
  • and other tax compliance and advisory services in Malaysia

Tax Advisory Services 

Through our tax advisory services, we help businesses to define, collaborate, and manage tax. This is done by taking into account the specific requirement of an industry (depending on its services/products).

Our professional team members are capable of offering a wide range of tax advisory services including:

  • We offer necessary advice and support for start-ups or newly established businesses. This involves growth plan evaluations, helping with mandatory or regulatory matters, and preparation of a reporting structure.
  • Our team provides timely advice regarding the due date of tax payment.
  • Through the process of tax data integration, we help businesses to create policies, design solutions, and mark standards. 
  • We guide our clients regarding the tax implications if they change their business strategies and plans.
  • Our qualified team can help businesses to stay updated with the most recent amendments/changes in the tax regulations, compliance methodologies, and tax incentives. 
  • With our tax advisory services, you can seek strategic advice while going for huge transformations i.e acquisitions, mergers, operational/business changes, or diversification plans. 
  • We advise our clients whether they are eligible to gain certain tax exemptions or benefits
  • Our dedicated team can identify tax-related issues and suggest effective solutions
  • You can seek our advice for resolving tax disputes and lower the chances of facing a tax penalty
  • We can advise businesses to carry out tax due diligence

If you are looking for trusted and professional tax compliance and advisory services Malaysia, just feel free to contact us.

*YH Tan & Associates PLT Only provides auditing and business advisory services independently. Other services are provided by independent associates other than YH Tan & Associates PLT. The above content is for information only.